Safety is our business!

At EZ Transit Services, we want to provide a service that demonstrates safety as our number one priority. It is our main goal to provide safe and efficient transportation to all our riders through consistency, reliability, and comfort.

It is extremely important for each rider to understand that safety is something we all need to display in order to get everyone to their destination accordingly. Every driver that is employed with EZ Transit is required to maintain a Class 1 or 2 licenses. Additionally, our drivers go through a thorough vetting process, ensuring clear criminal background checks and clear vulnerable sector checks.

It comes down to quality people, quality training, and quality buses.

We hire the most qualified individuals who ensure their focus on safety and the security of our passengers is at the focus of everything we do.

Our clients play an important role to keep their buses safe. When bus rules are not followed, riders can distract the driver and take their focus off the road. This is dangerous for everyone, including other drivers on the road around you.

If you have any more questions regarding EZ Transit safety, please contact us at (204) 800-5430.

Thank you and always remember that bus transportation is a privilege!